Clare Cato

Bon Voyage



Tokyo - where the toilet seats are always warm.

This city left a place in our hearts! 

Trains run always to the precise time.


How can a city so large and busy hold such sense of calm and tranquility? This is the mystery of Tokyo.


Our 4 days here hold such fond memories! Infact (although the first) it is still once of my favourite stops so far… Since this was the first destination in our (rather long) adventure, I had put a lot of time and research into this city. I was even a little worried (as is always the risk with researching a place) that I had got myself a little overexcited and perhaps would have too higher expectations. But for me, Tokyo was a delight. 


We tried to plan out our days in advance and stayed in the district of ….. - our accomodation was only a few minutes walk from the JR and from there we were only a handful of stops from must-see places like the Shibuya District, Harajuku, ….


Our things/places in Tokyo:


  • Drink Alley - this tiny little spot under the railway station in Shibuya is so unassuming… But wander on in and you’ll find yourself down a narrow alleyway lined by tiny bars that can sit only a handful of people. If you can find room in one, it is an amazing experience in a charming atmosphere! 
  • Shibuya Crossing - A great ‘first thing’ to do when you arrive in the city to get yourself orientated. The sheer scale of the place,  and the number of people that are bustling through is mind blowing! And yet, to me it seemed very peaceful here; everyone is polite, no one is pushing or shoving (this is a quality we noticed very distinctly our entire time in Japan).  
  • From the crossing, navigate your way to the … building and go up to the … floor, where you can get an awesome free view of the city below (there is also a lovely art space and some interesting galleries on this floor)
  • Kichijoji district - We stayed in this district for a few days and loved the vibe. Lots of cute shops and the most amazing public park with *(excited squeal)* swan paddle boats. Dreamy. If you wanted a chill day, this is the spot.
  • Ramen - don’t be put off if you have to order it from a vending machine!! This is just the order process, we ate some amazing ramen from many little corner restaurants.
Clare Cato